The AIOU Innovative Ideas Competition is Back!

AIOU Innovative Ideas 2024 : Today, Allama Iqbal Open University has announced a new competition. In this competition, you can earn a handsome amount of money.

There are different prizes for the winners. If you want to join, the apply now link is available. You can apply after reading the article.

Basically, friends, the goal of this competition is for you to share your ideas. If the audience and judges like your ideas, they will make you the winner. So don’t miss this opportunity. It’s a great opportunity for you.

AIOU Innovative Ideas Topics

AIOU Innovative Ideas 2024

The competition is about sharing ideas on different topics. The most important idea is the one that is the most innovative, creative, and beneficial to society. It is also important that the idea is practical and can be implemented.

  • Business ideas

AIOU Innovative Ideas Prices

  • 1ST PRIZE: RS. 100,000
  • 2ND PRIZE: RS. 75,000
  • 3RD PRIZE: RS. 50,000
  • 4TH PRIZE: RS. 15,000
  • 5TH PRIZE: RS. 15,000

How to Apply for this AIOU Innovative Ideas Competition?

  • Apply online at filling form {Click here}
  • After open form this fill information
  • Select degree name or Semester all information filling properly then submit this form
  • AIOU Students and Alummi wo completed degree within at last five years.

Last Date for AIOU Innovative Ideas 2024

31 December 2023

FAQs about AIOU Innovative Ideas Competition

Who can participate in the competition?

What are the topics for the competition?

How do I submit my idea?

What are the prizes for the competition?

There are three prizes available: * First prize: PKR 100,000 * Second prize: PKR 50,000 * Third prize: PKR 25,000

Conclusions about AIOU Innovative Ideas Competition

The AIOU Innovative Ideas Competition is a great opportunity for AIOU students, alumni, and faculty members to share their ideas and make a difference in the world. The competition is open to ideas on any topic, so there is no limit to the possibilities. I encourage you to participate and share your ideas.