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Allama Iqbal Open Universities has announced the workshop schedule for degree programs. Workshops hold significant importance for all students.

If you haven’t attended these workshops, failure in your final exams may be considered. Make sure to review the AIOU workshop schedule and commence your preparations accordingly.

Workshop TitleCourse CodeTimetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I860728-30 Sep 2023
Teaching Practice II860821-27 Sep 2023
Research Project861301-03 Oct 2023

B.Ed. Workshop Schedule (2.5 years)

Workshop TitleCourse CodeTimetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I860728-30 Sep 2023
Teaching Practice II649801-03 Oct 2023
Research Project867501-03 Oct 2023

B.Ed. (Old) Workshop Schedule

Workshop TitleCourse CodeSchedule
Teaching Practice065521 Sep-04 Oct

B.Ed. Workshops Schedule (4 Years) and ADE (2 years)

TitleCourse CodeSchedule
Research Schedule641521 Sep-04 Oct 2023
Research Project646428-30 Sep 2023
Research Project865722-25 Sep 2023
Long Term Internship/ Teaching Practice865821 Sep-04 Oct 2023
Long Term Internship646321Sep-04 Oct 2023

M.A/M.Ed. Workshops Schedule (Special Education)

TitleCourse CodeTimetable/Schedule
Face-to-Face Component360021-26 Sep 2023

Workshops of MA Teachers Education

TitleCourse CodeTimetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I655421 Sep – 04 Oct
Teaching Practice II655521 Sep – 04 Oct

Important News

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FAQs About The AIOU Workshop Schedule

What Is The AIOU Workshop Schedule And Why Is It Important?

When Is The Schedule Released?

Keeping students on their toes, AIOU normally releases the workshop schedule two weeks prior to the commencement of the workshops. Getting the schedule beforehand allows students to plan their tasks and prioritize their activities effectively.

  • Start date: June 19, 2023
  • End date: August 5, 2023

How Can I Access The Workshop Schedule?

Is Attendance In The Workshop Mandatory?

How to join aiou Online Workshop 2023?

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Ending words about AIOU Workshop Schedule

The AIOU workshop schedule may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand a few basics, it’s pretty easy. Just keep in mind that the schedule is there to improve your learning experience, not confuse you. Be proactive with your schedule and you’ll find it easy to balance your commitments with your studies.