AIOU Solved Assignment Autumn 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is renowned for its commitment to providing quality education through distance learning.

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AIOU Solved Assignments for Autumn & Spring 2023-24

Below, you’ll find a list of AIOU solved assignments for the Autumn 2024 semester. These assignments cover various levels, from Matric to Masters. Feel free to download the relevant assignments for your program:

  1. Matric Level: Solved assignments are available for Matric students.
  2. Intermediate (FA/BA) Level: If you’re pursuing FA or BA, there are solved assignments tailored for your courses.
  3. Bachelor’s (BS/B.Ed) Level: BS (Old), B.Ed, and Associate Degree students can access solved assignments.
  4. Master’s (MA/MSc/M.Ed) Level: MA, MSc, and M.Ed students can benefit from the provided solutions.

To download your specific AIOU solved assignment, visit the AIOU Solved Assignment website and select your program level. Remember that these assignments are updated and relevant for the Autumn 2024 semester.

Course codeSubject NamePDF 1PDF 2
4485Introduction to StatisticsPDFPDF
5403Basics of ICTPDFPDF
5438Pakistan StudiesPDFPDF
9002Urdu Language: Formation & EvolutionPDFPDF
9004Persian Language and LiteraturePDFPDF
9005Persian Language and LiteraturePDFPDF
9009Poetical Genres:
Introduction & Comprehension-II
9010Urdu Language: Grammar & OrthographyPDFPDF
9011Urdu Dastaan and Novel:
Thematic & formalistic Debates-I
9012Urdu Dastaan and Novel:
Thematic & formalistic Debates-II
9013History of Urdu Literature & Literary MovementsPDFPDF
9021Principles of Research &EditingPDFPDF
9022Specific Study of MeerPDFPDF
9025Creative and Philosophical Dimensions of GhalibPDFPDF
9026Contemporary Poetic LiteraturePDFPDF
9407Compulsory English – IPDFPDF
9408Compulsory English – IIPDFPDF
9409Compulsory English – IIIPDFPDF

3 Credit Hours Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2024

Assignment No 1 / Due Date13-02-2024
Assignment No 2 / Due Date03-04-2024
Exam MonthOctober / November 2024

Certainly! Let’s organize the program information in a more user-friendly table format for the Autumn 2024 semester:

Program Deadlines for Autumn 2024

ProgramLast Date
Matric (General Group, Dar-e-Nizami)16th February 2024
Intermediate (F.A/I.Com)16th February 2024
BA General / BCOM (Renamed Associate Degree)1st April 2024
ADB + ADC (Associate Degree Programs)29th September 2023
B. ED (1.5 Year), (2.5 Year), (4 Year) + ADE15th March 2024
BS & BED Programs (4 Years), (2.5 Years) (ODL)29th September 2024
01. BS Accounting & Finance29th September 2024
02. BS Economics29th September 2024
03. BS English29th September 2024
04. BS Gender & Women Studies29th September 2024
05. BS History29th September 2023
06. BS Islamic Studies29th September 2023
07. BS Library & Information Sciences29th September 2023
08. BS Mass Communication29th September 2023
09. BS Pakistan Studies29th September 2023
10. BS Sociology29th September 2023
11. BS Urdu29th September 2023
Master ProgramLast Date
01. MA History29th September 2023
02. MLIS (Library & Information Science)29th September 2023
03. MA Urdu29th September 2023
04. MA Islamic Studies29th September 2023
05. MSC Administrative Science29th September 2023
06. MA Education + MED29th September 2023
07. MSC Pakistan Studies29th September 2023
08. MSC Sociology29th September 2023
09. MSC Economics29th September 2023
10. MSC Mass Communication29th September 2023
11. MSC Gender & Women Studies29th September 2023

Whether you’re studying literature, science, or any other discipline, AIOU solved assignments will guide you toward success. Happy learning!