AIOU Quiz Schedule updated news in 2024

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Quiz is a part of exams every students attempt this then pass in exam some students face this issue , I will decided share information about aiou quiz 2024 lets start.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a renowned institution that offers a variety of programs and courses. One of the key components of these programs is the quizzes, which are scheduled at specific times throughout the academic year.

Understanding the AIOU Quiz Schedule

The AIOU quiz schedule is a well-organized timetable that outlines when each quiz for every course will take place.

This schedule is important for students as it helps them plan their study time effectively and prepare for their quizzes in advance. This is attempt all students in online , only 20 marks for quiz and add final exams.

Importance of the AIOU Quiz

The AIOU quiz schedule is not just a timetable; it’s a tool that aids students in managing their time efficiently. By having a clear understanding of when each quiz is, students can balance their time between different courses and ensure they are well-prepared for each quiz.

  • Part of exams
  • Must attempt
  • Grades depends on Aiou Quiz
  • Attempt within 24 hour

How to Accessing the AIOU Quiz in 2024?

The AIOU quiz schedule can be accessed through the AIOU’s official website. For updates on the workshop schedule, students are advised to keep visiting the website or check their LMS course page under “My Courses”.

  • Quiz is important for all students must attend never skip , other wise fail in exams
  • 20 Marks total for Quiz or MCQs
  • After aiou Workshop attend then Quiz will Appear on LMS
  • No chance for cheating during attend quizzes
  • Not Minimized window other wise wrong MCQs


The AIOU quiz schedule plays a vital role in a student’s academic journey at AIOU. By understanding and utilizing the schedule, students can better manage their time and excel in their quizzes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where can I find the AIOU quiz schedule?
The AIOU quiz schedule can be found on the AIOU’s official website¹.

Q2: How often is the AIOU quiz schedule updated?
The AIOU quiz schedule is updated regularly. For the most accurate information, students are advised to check the official website frequently